Photo by Mike Alzamora/Arp ISD

📺CLICK HERE TO WATCH MRS. MCCOLLUM RECEIVE HER AWARD📺 (And her students congratulate her immediately after).

Her commitment to our schools is unwavering.

Throughout her 11-year tenure at Arp Elementary, Krissi McCollum has lovingly given back to the school district she graduated from.

Now in her seventh year as the elementary physical education teacher, McCollum was awarded Arp ISD's KTBB Radio December 2022 teacher (employee) of the month distinction.

Interestingly enough, the plaque was presented to her on pajama day by Arp Elementary School principal Stephanie Schminkey, and Arp ISD superintendent Shannon Arrington.

Her students that were on hand for the presentation couldn't contain their excitement, and quickly mobbed her to congratulate her, showing their appreciation for the care she gives them on a daily basis.

McCollum explained, "Just being able to show the kids that they're genuinely loved every day," is one aspect that gets her up in the mornings.

She emphasizes the value of instilling good physical education habits from an early age.

"It is very important to show kids that exercise & fitness can be super fun," said McCollum.

She went on to detail the countless positives that are derived from their log of activities.

"It can give them confidence, ease anxieties, and bring comradery with those they play & work out with," disclosed McCollum.

She hopes they'll also be able to look back on those good times as they grow up.

"Overall, we are just making fun childhood memories here in the gym," said McCollum.

Before taking over P.E., McCollum taught first and fourth grade during her first four years with the district.

Showing just how much Arp ISD means to her, and sacrificing her own time, McCollum with the help of her family, renovated and painted the Arp Elementary gymnasium during the summer of 2016.