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Successful Mission.

54 Arp Junior High's robotics students had the opportunity to put their skills to the test last week at the Region 7 robotics challenge competition in Kilgore.

And they passed that test with flying colors.

The Tiger team "Nifty Shifty Bits" comprised of eighth grader Brooke Abbott, eighth grader Journey Hawkins, and seventh grader Hailey Charles came away with the third place trophy out of 110 teams.

Another one of our teams, "The 4 big guys" finished in 11th place.  Seventh-graders Cale Bedard, David Black, Alex Nguyen, and J.T. Benefield were the members of that group.

The participants were given 45 minutes to program their respective robots, and to practice.  Then they would each have 90 seconds to show their stuff in front of the judges.

Below are all the Arp students that competed under the guidance and direction of robotics teachers Brittany Anderson, and Arethra Garrett.

6th grade:

Raul Arzate
Rickey Bayless
David Cochran
Tripp Durrett
Ty Langley
Miller, Ethan Miller
Sichele Mwamba
Lily Nichols
Ashlyn Poe

Aiden Allen
Cooper Adams
Ember Barnard
Noah Beck
Kaylen Brawner
Nicholas Bridges
Isaiah Guess
Eliza Huber
London Lane
Gracey Nichols
Mason Norris
Emma Nugent
Karleigh Osborn
Adan Ponce
Alex Ponce
Cortlynn Quinalty
Kalissa Randolph
Starr Spangler
Saniah Tatum
Levi Thomas
Lylee Underwood
Lucas Vanover
Jayden Votaw
Alex Weis

7th grade:

Draiven Adams
Ben Alexander
Cale Bedard
JT Benefield
David Black
Hailey Charles

Kelsie Cole
Jarod Hill
Alex Nguyen
Tristan Phipps
Isiah Pierce
Braydon Shankle
Colton Stinecipher
Bryson Wilson

8th grade:

Abbott, Brooke
Jadyn Gardner

LaMarcus Garrett
Journey Hawkins
Karter Robinson
Tye Tamplin

Elisha Williams