Photo by Mike Alzamora/Arp ISD

The Arp High School bass fishing team thanks everyone in the community that purchased tickets for their annual fundraiser raffle drawing in addition to all the sponsors that donated products and items to be raffled off.

Coach Shannon Arrington announced that his club raised over $3,000 by selling raffle tickets.

Freshman Madelyne Eaton was the team's top ticket seller and received a $100 prize for her efforts.  She sold over $500 worth of tickets.

In case you missed it (video above), the drawing was held Thursday.

Below are the lucky winners and what they won:

  1. H2O Dual Wrap Worm Binder - Phillip Martindale

  2. Portable Grill - LeAnn Curry

  3. Nike Duffle Bag - Glen Foster

  4. $25 Gift Card to Bass Pro - Allen Eads

  5. Customized Tumbler Cups - Meagan McElroy, Tonya Martindale, Ryan Moore 

  6. Orange Vanilla Coke Cooler and Fanta T-shirts - Debbie Gillispie, Patty Campbell

  7. Columbia Hardbody Cooler - Michael Nichols

  8. Barbecue Caddy - Danny Accord

  9. Red Dirt Hat Merchandise - Shelly Sawyer, Andrew Black, Brandon George, Cristi White, Erin Geromotta, Ginny Clark, Terry Quinality, Curtis Clark

  10. Green Cascade Sleeping Bag - Josh Hamilton 

  11. $50 Texas Roadhouse - Zach Garrett

  12. Bocce Yard Game - Tony Maynard

  13. H2O Dual Wrap Worm Binder - Samantha Brauner

  14. 5 Piece Travel Set BBQ Tools - Lynn King

  15. Ugly Stick Tackle Backpack - Donna Lowery

  16. Magellan Cooler Arp Fishing Logo - Randy Gorham

  17. Quantum Rod & Reel Combo - Anthony Eaton

  18. Red Sleeping Bag - Dwight Thomas

  19. Texas Tortilla Kitchen - Tracey Evans

  20. Slim Fold Cook Station - Ashley Law

  21. Ott Defoe Autographed T-shirt and Buffs - Fred Weiterman

  22. H2O Rod and Reel Combo - Tammy Luttrell

  23. Monster Energy Cooler and Hoodie - Edith Lane

  24. $50 Texas Roadhouse - Judy Wolfe

  25. Sarah Dream Merchandise - Teresa Keen, Fred Weiterman

  26. Crappie Trip Lake Tyler - Scott Harris

  27. Monster Energy Backpack - Randy Gorham

  28. Magellan Cooler Arp Logo - TJ Quinality

$100 gift Card to Bass Pro - Michael Nichols