Photo by Mike Alzamora/Arp ISD

It's a true hands on lesson about leadership development.

And quite a blast as well with health and fitness in mind.

Arp Elementary students wrapped up nearly two weeks of work with Apex Leadership Co. Thursday.  They took advantage of a tremendous opportunity and raised almost $20,000 for the school, and each of their individual classrooms.

Taking into account how much money teachers spend in supplies for their own classes each year, the Apex program allows students to go out and request pledges from their families, and communities.

Wednesday came the main event. The fun run.

Thirty minutes to complete 36 laps in a field specifically set up for the children that included an amusing inflatable tunnel and a party-like atmosphere.  Each grade level took their own respective turn at one point during the day.

With some of their parents in attendance, as they all had been invited to come watch, this portion of the program became a lesson in determination and perseverance.

Once they were done, the kids got to enjoy their favorite cups of Kona Ice.

"This is actually my favorite school that I've been to so far," said Apex team member Haylee Seefeldt, better known as "Maverick" to the students.