grand canyon university

Arp ISD has formed an exciting relationship with a Christian institution of higher learning in Arizona.

The school district is now part of Grand Canyon University's Participants in Learning, Leading and Serving program (PLLS).

Through this partnership, Arp High School graduates who are fully admissible to GCU would receive a minimum scholarship award of $3,050 per academic year. 

"The total GCU award package could be higher based upon a student’s level of academic merit, program of study, registration date and other offers for incoming students, including those related to participation in athletics, pep band, theatre, debate, etc."

As GCU states that it is committed to providing an affordable private, Christian education, "effective yearly tuition rates would not exceed $13,250 after the minimum GCU scholarship package is applied."

Arp High School students will also be able to take advantage of dual credit opportunities that reduce the time to complete a bachelor’s degree. These courses are offered at $52.50 per credit hour.

Here's a look at many of the benefits available.

In addition, Arp ISD faculty, staff, their spouses, and even students' parents can receive significant discounts on tuition for online courses and degree programs.

Here's a more detailed explanation.

Anyone interested in exploring these opportunities should contact any of Arp High School's guidance counselors or Arp ISD CCMR (College, Career, and Military Readiness) Director Donna Lowery.