Photo by Beverly Jones/Arp ISD

For the first time, Arp High School is offering an American Sign Language class.

This has given Arp ISD School Board member Ernie Haire an opportunity to lend a hand.

Haire knows sign language.  So he visits with approximately 20 online ASL students roughly once a month.

This past week, Haire discussed the history of the language, which is the predominant communication method for the deaf community.

He also shared some of the signing culture, and what career opportunities exist for people that learn sign language when they met at the Arp High School library.

He was also able to sign a little with them.

"I’m so glad he agreed to share his knowledge with our students," said Arp ISD secondary assistant principal Donna Lowery.

Haire has served on the district's board since being elected in May 2019.

He is a former teacher at Arp ISD.

(Photos by Beverly Jones/Arp ISD).