Arp Elementary School Supply List


KINDERGARTEN- Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

1st GRADE- Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

Please label only folders, spirals, backpack, and mat.

Backpack lrg. enough for folder to fit

Fiskars Scissors For Kids (metal, round tips)

3-24 ct. pkgs. CRAYOLA crayons

1- four pack of Play-Doh

Washable Watercolor Paints

1 box Kleenex

1 bottles White Elmer’s school glue

6 washable glue sticks

Mat for naptime

1 wide rule Spiral notebook (70 sheets)           

1-box gal size. Ziploc bags

1-box qt. size. Ziploc bags

2 Expo Dry Erase Markers

4 Containers or refills of hand wipes/baby wipes

2 Plastic pocket folders w/ Brads (red and blue)

Girls-white paper lunch sacks

Boys-brown paper lunch sacks

1 package large paper plates (no Styrofoam)

Please remember to send an extra set of clothes                                      & towel or blanket for nap time.

Brand Names work best


$3.00 for COMPUTER CLASS--Headphones

1 pkg. construction paper (multi color)

2 box 8 ct. CRAYOLA  crayons

3 boxes 24 ct. CRAYOLA crayons

1 pkg. lrg. washable CRAYOLA markers

4-4 oz. Elmer’s White washable School Glue

2 pink block erase

1 pkg. (10 ct.) #2 paper mate pencils

2 boxes. Kleenex

3 plastic folders w/brads & pockets (1 red, 2 purple)

3 folders w/pockets and brads (1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow)

FISKARS scissors (metal, round tips)                                                    

1 – Washable Watercolor Paints

Boys-1 pkg. sm. Paper plates (no  Styrofoam)

Girls-1 pkg. lrg. Paper plates (no Styrofoam)  

Backpack (without rollers) 

1 Box Qt. size. Ziploc Bags

1 70 pg. spiral notebook

1 pkg. highliters

1 full size (paper size) clipboard

1 4ct. pkg. of play doh brand play doh            

*Students will use a towel for nap (first few weeks)

*Please do not put your child’s name on any supplies

except backpack and towel


$3.00 for COMPUTER CLASS--Headphones

Please label these items with child’s name  

1  Backpack, non-rolling

1 School box. (No lrg. sz. or boxes w/handles)               

1 pr. FISKAR scissors        

Please DO NOT label these items:

1 box  8 ct. CRAYOLA crayons

5 boxes 24 ct. CRAYOLA crayons

3 bottles 4 oz. Elmer’s glue

8 Glue sticks

24  #2 MEAD pencils

2 lrg. Pink erasers

1 pkg. pencil top erasers

1 pkg. 9x12 manila paper

1-1” floppy notebook

4  70 ct. WIDE RULE spirals

 ( 1-Red, 1-Yellow, 1-Green, 1-Blue)

1 pkg. 3x5 BLANK index cards

5  Regular folders w/pockets/brads

( 1each of  Green, orange,yellow,blue, red))

2  boxes Kleenex

1-bottle hand sanitizer

2 pkg. Ziplocs freezer bags (1 Qt. size. 1 Gal. size.)

$1.00 for Construction Paper


$3.00 for COMPUTER CLASS—Headphones

2nd GRADE- Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

3rd GRADE- Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 boxes of CRAYOLA crayons (16 or 24 ct)

1 pkg. (8x12) colored const. paper (no tablets)

Fiskars scissors for kids

4 pkgs of 12 (#2) pencils

4 large pink erasers

1 pkg. of pencil top erasers

3 spiral notebooks

6 plastic folders w/brads (1each:green, orange, red, yellow, blue and purple)

Girls: 1 pkg. manila paper (8x12)

          1 box qt. size Ziploc bags

Boys: 1 box gal. size Ziploc bags

           1 pkg. manila paper (12x18)

School box

2 bottles of glue

$5.00 for Art class--Supplies

$3.00 for Computer class--Headphones



*4 wide-ruled spiral notebooks

*2 pkgs. Wide-rule notebook paper

2 boxes of 24ct. Crayola crayons

1pkg. Crayola colored pencils

1 covered pencil sharpener for colored pencils

*4pkgs. (24) No.2 pencils (mechanical are allowed)

2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 red, 3 purple folders with brads and pockets (paper folders please)

1 pair Fiskar pointed scissors

1 school box (no handles)

*2 pkgs. Pencil top erasers

*1pkg. construction paper (no tablets please)

*1 pkg. manila paper (no tablets please)

*3 boxes of Kleenex

*1pkg. Crayola markers

*2 bottles of elmer’s glue

*4 Elmer glue sticks

1  Backpack, non-rolling


     *1 pkg. anti-bacterial wipes

     *1 pkg. primary colored printer paper

     *1 box quart  Ziploc bags



     *2 Expo dry erase markers

     *1 pkg. pastel colored printer paper

     *1 box gallon Ziploc bags

$3.00 for Computer Class--Headphones

$5.00 for recorder and book – music

$5.00 for Art Class—Supplies

$20 Science Project fee**

*Starred items will become community property.
** This pays for their planet kit, pinewood derby kit, tri-fold display board and awards





4th GRADE - Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

5th GRADE-  Students will need tennis shoes for P.E.

40 pencils (#2 only plain yellow)-name on each pencil

2 hand pencil sharpener (small to fit inside pencil bag)

1 pencil bag

2 large pencil erasers –name on each

2 glue sticks


1 pkg. Crayola Markers

4 pkg. (2) dry erase markers (broad tip)

10 Folders with brads & pockets (3 blue, 2 red, 1 green, 1 orange, 2 purple, 1  yellow)

4 highlighters

1 pkg. of page protectors

2 boxes Kleenex

1 pkg. colored or white construction paper (12x18)

1 pkg. graph paper

1 set of multiplication cards

Girls – Gallon Ziploc  bags

Boys – Quart  Ziploc bags

2 spiral notebooks

1 pkg. 12 count colored pencils

1 bottle hand sanitizer

5 pkgs. Notebook paper (wide ruled)

24ct. crayons


$3.00 for Computer Class--Headphones

$5.00 for recorder and book – music

$5.00 for Art Class--Supplies

***Students will be more successful in fourth grade if they practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts over the summer.  Fourth grade TEKS require that they have all of their multiplication facts through 12 x 12 memorized.


1 Backpack (NO ROLLERS)

60  #2 pencils sharpened if possible

1 pkg. red pens (10)

1 Fiskars pointed scissors

2 small pkg. Highlighters

1 pkg. Crayola Map colors

1 pkg. Crayola crayons

2 boxes Kleenex

1 TRAPPER to keep all folders, etc

1 lrg. Zippered pouch for TRAPPERS  (no school box) 

1 pkg. Expo markers

2 Purple folders

3 pkg. wide rule notebook paper

1 yellow folder


     1 Box. Gal. or Quart size. Ziploc freezer bags

     1 Canister anti-bacterial wipes


     1 pkg. manila paper 8x11 or regular size

     1 pkg. colored construction paper 


     1 Marble Composition book MUST HAVE!

     4 Blue folders w/pockets &brads  


     6 Green pocket folders w/brads

     $6.00 for Science Board


     1 orange folder w/pockets &  brads


     3 red folders w/pockets & brads

     1 ruler (centimeters & inches) NO FLEXIBLE

     1 set of multiplication cards

     1 Composition book

     1 hand  pencil sharpener

DO NOT put names on any supplies except for TRAPPERS


$5.00 for Music—for Recorder and Book

$3.00 for Computer class--Headphones

$5.00 for Art class--Supplies