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All STARS Project - All Stakeholders thru Technology Achieve Real-world Success

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All STARS Project is a collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, Bonham ISD, Arp ISD, and Many Partners

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The Connections grant is authorized by House Bill (HB) 2893, passed during the 81st Texas Legislative Session, 2009, and codified in Texas Education Code (TEC), 32.151. The Connections grant is funded under NCLB, Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through Technology. The grant identifies schools that serve as statewide models for the transformative use of digital content in the classroom and at home. The grant project is focused on building connections among schools, teachers, and students wherein model classrooms and schools can demonstrate the following:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to digital content and resources
  • Access to personal technology tools at school, at home, and in the community; and
  • Transformative practices in teaching with technology that use digital content in the classroom and in assignments and activities for students beyond the classroom

Connections grant schools will connect with other districts that need assistance with establishing programs that use digital content and students' personal technology tools in order to increase student achievement. The grant enables participants to connect with stakeholders statewide, and these connections may include a collaborative grant with schools that need to build their own programs for 21st Century competencies using digital content at school, at home, and in the community.

Research has shown that students are engaged in learning while using technology and participating in a vast array of interactive media. With the Connections Grant, schools can ensure that students have experiences that keep them “powered up” at school and at home by using digital content and resources that bring new and exciting learning opportunities. 

Arp Junior High School, a Texas Education Agency rated exemplary school,  will be the model school and its teachers will be mentors for the Connections Grant with Bonham and Arp High Schools as the receiving schools. The grant affords teachers training and mentoring to become hybrid course (online and face-to-face) instructors using multimedia and instructional Blogs. All students 6th-12th grade in Arp ISD and 9th-12th grade in Bonham ISD will receive laptops to replace conventional textbooks. All content will be downloadable and portable so that students and parents may have access to course materials 24/7.

The ALL STARS PROJECT, a full immersion project, will allow students and teachers in grades 6-12th to carry wireless laptops and access online instructional materials 24/7. Teachers will be asked to use technology tools to build mobility into the extended learning environment for all stakeholders. This will include:

  • record (audio & video) and upload lessons to TIGERTUBE instructional Blog server.

  • build online lessons in Project Share

  • utilize new software packages and high-tech tools (Netbooks, probes, GPS, etc) for simulation and project-based curriculum

  • differentiate instruction based on online assessment tools

  • reach proficient levels in technology skills using a cohort of peers from both districts in face-to-face training and online instruction.

The emphasis of the grant is to improve student achievement in the 4 core areas along with technology skills. The major area of need in both school districts (Arp ISD & Bonham ISD) has been identified as science and math skills. The grant will emphasize real-world skills through project-based curriculum assisting teachers to differentiate instruction and integrate thematic project-based units across the curriculum supported by mobile technology tools.

Contact Persons:


101 Toney Drive, Drawer 70  Arp, TX 75750

Voice 903 859-2408 

FAX (903)859-1671



Project Director: Dr Joy Rousseau: (903)859-2408

Arp Jr High Mentor Teachers:

Junior High Principal: Dwight Thomas: (903) 859-4936





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101 Toney Drive, Arp, TX 75750  Phone 903-859-2408